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The Value of Video Testing for Usability

We all know the power of qualitative testing. Employing platforms to determine the best user experience and using focus groups to target the ideal user to manage the testing process can provide a valuable but all too ‘hands off’ approach to testing. Perhaps the most powerful method of testing is the one that is right under our nose. Video is all around us. It’s become one of the most effective drivers of conversion, provides optimal UX and delivers an immersive brand experience. It’s no surprise that this platform can be used as one of the most effective forms of usability testing. It’s safe to say that digital video has become an important component of successful usability testing sessions, with the benefits to prove. Accuracy Using digital video to record usability testings provides increased detail on the evaluations, providing insight to intricacies that might have gone unnoticed. An in-depth understanding of […]

1 month, 28 days ago
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5 Ways to Design a More Intuitive Mobile App

With rampant talk of responsive design and the overwhelming use of mobile devices as a primary device for users, the importance of a mobile presence is clear. Naturally, the time of a mobile user is at a premium so it’s paramount for mobile apps to be as intuitive as possible. Designing an interface that is centered around UX and usability is the keystone to create a mobile app that truly ‘works’ for the user. #1: Know Your User User experience doesn’t exist without the user – so it’s critical to involve them in the process – understanding who they are and what drives them. Conducting user and competitive research – not simply gathering analytics, but getting into the field, engaging with the ideal user – and applying these findings to the initial phase of design is a non-negotiable process. Data is a big part of gathering the information needed, however, in a project’s […]

2 years, 18 days ago