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Defining UX Design Strategy and Deployment

UX design has come to carry a ton of weight in the web usability world. It’s easy to understand why. The better experience that a user gets, the more likely the user will share, become fan, or make a purchase. People remember great experiences and come back to get the same kind of experience even if they have to pay more for it. Providing a great experience to customers obviously has many benefits to a brand’s credibility, reputation and its social media reach. Define the Problem or the Larger Goal If you’re starting to take web usability seriously, it’s likely because you feel there is some problem or a situation where your goals are not being met. You really need to pinpoint the issue. Maybe your web pages have a high abandon rate or your app gets a lot of downloads but very little usage after the first few days. […]

2 years, 8 months ago
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Wireframing: A Quick Review

Brands spend hours designing a page so that everything flows properly, blending together cohesively. Like any architectural project, they use a tool that allows them to speed up the process and make quick changes to tweak and perfect the user interface. Wireframes are essentially a two-dimensional blueprint for how you want your website to look, like a skeletal framework that allows you to visually place all of your various site elements. Working like a foundation for the final product, the wire frame is a fantastic design tool that lets you organize everything properly before engaging in the creative process. They help to connect the site’s information architecture to the visuals crafted by the designers, showing a direct correlation between different pages. Wireframing also allows you to see where content and imagery clash and match, determining which pattern would result in the best functionality for the end user. Beginning from a […]

2 years, 9 months ago
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Understanding UI, UX and Usability Design

A lot of designers are talking about UI, UX and Usability these days. If you’re like most business owners, you probably understand the importance of design but start getting confused when all these terminologies get thrown around. To help you understand what these different aspects of design are, we’ll define each and go into why each is important. What Is UI Design And Why Is It Important? UI simply stands for user interface. The UI is simply the design element that allows you to control a website, app or platform. The UI of a website is the navigation menu that allows you to explore different parts of the website. The UI of an app is basically the same thing with the addition that it allows you to access features and run the functionalities of the app. What Is UX Design And Why Is It Important? UI is under the umbrella […]

3 years, 9 months ago
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Smarter Interface Design with Focus on Usability

Every day more and more companies are starting to realize how important usability is whether it’s for their websites or mobile apps. The UI can make all the difference in how usable and attractive and inviting a website or app is. It can also provide a structure to the navigation and website organization. However, it needs to be done with the focus on user experience. Many people confuse UI design with UX design. You can say that UI is the wireframe of a website or app whereas the experience of using that website or app is the user experience. Ultimately, UI fits into the greater scope of UX and should be designed to affect user behavior in positive ways. With that said, it is important to approach interface design with the goal of improving user experience and shaping user behavior towards your website’s goals. There’s no point in designing UI […]

3 years, 10 months ago