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How to Think About Corporate Site Design and Strategy

For many companies, the role of the corporate website has shifted from a go-to destination for their brand to a channel for public relations. Brand websites and mini websites have taken the role in selling and engaging the target audience. While companies have evolved their strategies in terms of what to do with their other sites, very few have done much in terms of creating an effective corporate web design. Before even discussing design, it’s important to come up with a corporate website strategy. You have to start by asking the important questions. Why are people going to your corporate website? Will you need a mobile version of your site? What goals do you have for the corporate website? How will you go about achieving these goals? You have to map out your strategy so that you can come up with how the design can support the goals. Once there […]

7 years, 4 months ago
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Setting the Scene: 3 Scenarios to Improve UX

Understanding why a specific user or group comes to your website is critical when designing an interface, and when engaging in usability testing. Gathering all of this information both saves you valuable time in what could be a tedious, grueling process, as well as gathering informative research that can assist in structuring your website to formulate the best user-brand fit. Scenarios describe the context behind why your site was approached, and note any goals that need to be achieved to perfect the user experience. These scenarios come in different shapes and sizes, creating a relatable story that allows designers to step back and consider the problem from the audience’s perspective. When writing up the scenarios, consider the following questions: Who is the user? Why does he/she use your website? What does he/she want to accomplish, what are the goals? Understand what motivates your user and what their expectations are of […]

7 years, 6 months ago
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Understanding Interaction Design

Understanding the way users interact with your site is crucial in determining what improvements or tweaks are needed – optimal website usability is, of course, a top priority. 

 Interaction design in its most basic definition is about building a digital environment for users, designing interactive digital products, environments, systems and services. It is more than just building systems, though – it is idea production at its core. What makes this so fascinating is the process of imaging things as they might be, as opposed to how they are (or how they seem to be on the surface), allowing for loftier creative spaces and freedom to think outside the box. Of course, since it is directly integrated within web usability, interaction design is greatly focused on satisfying the needs and goals of the intended product users, implementing a heavy focus on designing with stakeholders in mind. Fantastic web usability calls […]

7 years, 9 months ago
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Design Your Ideal Project Plan

Starting off a brand new design project can be a long and tedious process – but it does not have to be, when approached systematically and logically. Building a plan for your design project takes into account the approach your group will make within implementation, as well as allowing your team and stakeholders the ability to document any objectives they outlined (which can be applied to scope, schedule, resources and deliverables). 

By constructing this plan, your organization can ensure that they have the necessary time and resources available to address all needs and goals. A few questions to consider when setting project borders: What products are being developed? What types of information need to be covered, in order to provide a more complete picture? How large will the project be? Is this design process being implemented for an entire organization or just for a section? How much research needs to […]

7 years, 11 months ago