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How to Think About Corporate Site Design and Strategy

For many companies, the role of the corporate website has shifted from a go-to destination for their brand to a channel for public relations. Brand websites and mini websites have taken the role in selling and engaging the target audience. While companies have evolved their strategies in terms of what to do with their other sites, very few have done much in terms of creating an effective corporate web design. Before even discussing design, it’s important to come up with a corporate website strategy. You have to start by asking the important questions. Why are people going to your corporate website? Will you need a mobile version of your site? What goals do you have for the corporate website? How will you go about achieving these goals? You have to map out your strategy so that you can come up with how the design can support the goals. Once there […]

7 years, 4 months ago
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Cause and Effect: Usability and Conversion

It may seem surprising, that while bringing people to a website is not that difficult, its the matter of actually keeping them there, engaging them and ultimately convincing them them to invest and return is a feat of incredible strategy. Whether a business to business (B2B) or direct to consumer (DTC) site, the one single metric that crushes all others in significance is conversion rate. Frankly, it’s all about the visitor. Their capacity to complete tasks easily and quickly is where web usability comes in, working to define the user experience. Its safe to say that usability and conversion, working in tandem, are critical to a sustained, and ultimately successful, relationship with a service or good. It is not enough for a web experience to simply function – a human can simply exist on junk food for a short time, however, in order to thrive and operate optimally, it must […]

7 years, 8 months ago
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Evaluating UX: Satisfaction

Companies are constantly looking for ways to improve upon their current user experience plan and increase a positive relationship with clients and users. But how can they determine if their current plan is working, or what they should change (if anything)? There are three points that measure the user experience in a way that will allow for organizations to test for usability success. In the previous blog posts we discussed Effectiveness and Efficiency – today we will go in depth about Satisfaction, how users enjoy using the system and the set of subjective responses a viewer may have when interacting with it. 

Prevention Of course, many elements are taken into consideration when optimizing customer satisfaction. Anticipating and mitigating errors are at the forefront, ensuring that the experience runs smoothly and error-free for the consumer. Placing constraints allows the user to adjust their behavior in order to continue with their intended […]

7 years, 10 months ago