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Refining Health Care UX With Data

There’s little question as to what a health care organization needs to serve it’s user in the digital environment – information, trust, intelligence, transparency and speed – just to name a few. Creating the pathway to deliver the optimal experience requires the careful and meaningful integration of design and data to produce a usable platform for both providers and consumers. Like most regulated industries, the health care digital landscape can always be improved. Advancements are constantly being made and the many websites are operating on dated platforms unable to serve their users full range of needs, or even worse – platforms may not be used to their potential. Organizations, it seems have made sizable investments in electronic health care record (EHR) and health IT (HIT) systems, however 75% are underutilizing the tools because of time commitment or costs involved. Data as a Gamechanger Particularly in health care, usability must be at the […]

6 years, 6 months ago