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Information Architecture: The Next Level in Content

The higher level of content strategy that emphasizes organization, structure and labeling. Existing content is herded into a format that assures efficiency and sustainability, paving a clear path for users looking for information and engaging in tasks. Having a true knowledge of the general system is required in order to zoom in on the details that make the entire content and design environment flow smoothly. Information Architecture exists in order to provide the space for users to understand all of the minutia – where they are in their discovery process, what information they’ve found so far, what are their available options, and the future/consequences/what to expect based on each direction. Essentially, the road map for content. From the foundation and up, design itself is involved in identifying goals and moving forward with the battle plan. Considering the intended audience remains one of the most important details when creating that strategy […]

7 years, 8 months ago