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The Interaction Design + Usability Connection

Understanding the way users interact with your site is crucial in determining what improvements or tweaks are needed – optimal website usability is, of course, a top priority. Directly integrated within web usability, interaction design is greatly focused on satisfying the needs and goals of the intended product users, implementing a heavy focus on designing with stakeholders in mind. Optimal web usability calls for an intuitive user experience, and all possible users (both current and new) must be taken into consideration. The designers that begin this process must be aware of the key aspects that will evoke emotions and calls to action in their target audience – and these emotions must remain positive, avoiding negative associations that could be detrimental to product success. Interaction design in its most basic definition is about building a digital environment for users, designing interactive digital products, environments, systems and services. It is more than just building […]

7 years, 3 months ago