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Essential Mobile App Design Usability Factors

The goal of many mobile apps is to create a system that speaks the language of the user, leveraging familiar concepts to deliver something that feels new and unexpected – even delightful. This can be challenging to accomplish but aligning with a specific set of usability factors can increase freedom of design elements and deliver the ideal outcome. In breaking down the elements – whether text or imagery, creating pathways to engagement through gesture-driven actions such as clicks, taps and swipes can make the experience interactive but intuitive. Optimizing a mobile environment to be predictable and consistent while maintaining engagement and comprehension is a multi-faceted task. Understanding user personas and clear pathways in previous steps can help to increase usability at a faster delivery rate. Onboarding Because it’s the first point of contact, onboarding is arguably the most important component of mobile app design strategy. The goal of onboarding is to introduce the purpose of […]

5 years, 3 months ago
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The Value of Video Testing for Usability

We all know the power of qualitative testing. Employing platforms to determine the best user experience and using focus groups to target the ideal user to manage the testing process can provide a valuable but all too ‘hands off’ approach to testing. Perhaps the most powerful method of testing is the one that is right under our nose. Video is all around us. It’s become one of the most effective drivers of conversion, provides optimal UX and delivers an immersive brand experience. It’s no surprise that this platform can be used as one of the most effective forms of usability testing. It’s safe to say that digital video has become an important component of successful usability testing sessions, with the benefits to prove. Accuracy Using digital video to record usability testings provides increased detail on the evaluations, providing insight to intricacies that might have gone unnoticed. An in-depth understanding of […]

5 years, 6 months ago
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Here Are Your Options for Magento eCommerce Responsive Layouts

It wasn’t too long ago when companies were investing a respectable budget into building mobile sites. After responsive design became the standard, many companies started jumping ship on their mobile sites and decided to commit to this format. However, many eCommerce companies have been slow to embrace the format due to the amount of time and money required to redesign the entire site. But adapting doesn’t have to be difficult, especially if you are running under the Magento platform. Many third party companies have created themes to help Magento websites take full advantage of responsive web design. You can find a wide variety of features and customizable options from flexible slideshows, wide color palettes, customizable grids, and various layouts to help you achieve your desired look. These themes are very affordable but it is still challenging for the average website owner to build a well designed eCommerce website that caters […]

8 years, 2 months ago
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Mobile vs App: Making the Leap

For a business just emerging into the mobile web market, choosing between developing a mobile website or an app can seem daunting— both are accessed on your mobile device, and while tech is still relatively new and innovative, this question will remain very relevant to most organizations. Before making the leap, analyze the differences between the two mobile options and determine which one is best suited for your business. Mobile Sites run in a mobile web browser and are served by a web server, specifically designed for a smaller handheld display and touch-screen surface. They use the standard site interface while integrating with mobile features (such as the click-to-call feature to contact a business) or mapping based off your location. Compatibility
 – mobile sites are excellent for maintaining a consistent company image and message across platforms No approval necessary – they do not require approvals or app store integration, allowing […]

8 years, 2 months ago