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Mobile vs App: Making the Leap

For a business just emerging into the mobile web market, choosing between developing a mobile website or an app can seem daunting— both are accessed on your mobile device, and while tech is still relatively new and innovative, this question will remain very relevant to most organizations. Before making the leap, analyze the differences between the two mobile options and determine which one is best suited for your business. Mobile Sites run in a mobile web browser and are served by a web server, specifically designed for a smaller handheld display and touch-screen surface. They use the standard site interface while integrating with mobile features (such as the click-to-call feature to contact a business) or mapping based off your location. Compatibility
 – mobile sites are excellent for maintaining a consistent company image and message across platforms No approval necessary – they do not require approvals or app store integration, allowing […]

8 years, 13 days ago