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Scrolling for Better Website Usability and Content Organization

As much as a simplicity approach to both content and graphics for a website is encouraged, when working with a larger amount of assets, scrolling lends a much better approach to usability than breaking up content into separate pages. With sites developing more in depth content and the prevalence of parallax and animated sites as well as constant information stream applications, the approach of scrolling is evolving to site and content specifications. The mantra of ‘above/below the fold’ rules were ubiquitous with designers working to get as much information as possible into the immediately seen space that ultimately would overwhelm the user. Along with technology, the user has evolved, and scrolling is now an integral aspect of many programs and applications – allowing an easier flow of communication to the user, providing a more engaging and usable experience. With the popularity and prevalence of mobility, so much has changed – […]

7 years, 1 month ago