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UX Solutions: Determining If Your Website Can Benefit From AMP

In a marketplace where speed often equals performance, staying relevant across device with attention to mobile is critical. That’s why AMP, or Accelerated Mobile Pages has been met with such excitement. Site owners and marketers who want to remain competitive with a focus on user satisfaction must consider an implementation such as the AMP Project. What is Accelerated Mobile Pages? The Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Project is an open-source framework from Google consisting of 3 components including HTML, JS, and cache libraries that accelerate load speed for mobile pages. What Does AMP Do? The number one reason AMP is so valuable to many is that it speeds up load times. Elements are stripped down but deliver essential content quickly, displaying content that matters but gets rid of all the elements that take a toll on your site’s speed and performance. From a website usability perspective, AMP is a no brainer for […]

5 years, 5 months ago
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The Importance of Web Usability Testing

Web usability is one of the most important aspects of a website; however often in the corporate environments, it is one of the least understood aspects of content optimization. Although UI/UX is an integral part of site design and architecture, there are few people who truly understand it enough to make it an integral part of the layout right from the start. Here are just a few of the advantages to including UI/UX in the testing and planning of your website from the very beginning of its inception. You will create better SEO from the beginning of your online presence Search engine optimization usually takes quite a while to affect a website’s presence on the Internet. However, incorporating web usability testing into the framework of a website will speed up this process immeasurably. It is well known that the major search engines place a premium on sites that have low […]

7 years, 6 months ago
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Mobile Usability Matters: Search Ranking Developments

With the new announcement from Google that mobile usability will count as a search ranking factor beginning in April 2015 – now is the time to pay attention. We’ve all known that mobile is rising quickly as a main platform for users across the board, but now the stakes are higher. Mobile search results will now reflect how mobile-friendly sites are, and if a website isn’t optimized for mobile browsing, it will most likely drop in ranking. Most site owners don’t understand what to do when it comes to mobile sites. Mobile sites are different from regular sites, so there are a different set of best practices that you need to follow. It’s important to make sure your mobile site is optimized and formatted correctly because mobile visitors now make up a large percentage of total site visitors. Some webmasters report 30-40% of their visitors use mobile devices. This news is […]

7 years, 8 months ago
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3 Ways to Improve Usability for Better SEO

Web usability overlaps with many UX best practices, particularly Search Engine Optimization. Studies have shown that some benefits of properly accessible sites include better overall search results, reduced costs and increased audience reach. Search engines are not human – this we know. As this is the case, there are only a narrow number of specifications that they can detect from the mass amount of content that is processed. The engines are however, constantly being optimized, and are capable of delivering a great deal of intuitions through sifting engagement numbers, user patterns and links to determine rankings about a specific site. Content Useful, thoughtful and targeted messaging will increase the UX of a site, increasing the probability that a visitor will return to the site and have a good feeling about it. Notwithstanding the value of return visits, the encouragement of sharing via social media or on additional platforms, the application of bookmarks and resulting inbound links will all […]

7 years, 9 months ago