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Has Big Data Become Bad Data?

Understanding user behavior in the digital environment is paramount to refining and optimizing a marketing strategy or new implementation. Through dialed-in analytics, a business can make decisions based on a user’s true wants and needs – delivering a more controlled and authentic experience. Equipped with these intelligent insights, the optimal technology can be implemented to achieve the ideal approach to a digital strategy. Until only recently – the most prevalent data used has been that of Big Data. Characterized by the output of Volume, Velocity, and Variety – Big is exactly what the name implies – a whole lot of information which may not be entirely suited to a growing UX focus. Is big data dead? Due to the sheer size of output, Big Data tends to be cumbersome and therefore requires a lot of work in translating to become actually useful. For the demanding user of today, a business needs more than just […]

6 years, 10 months ago