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The Value of Video Testing for Usability

We all know the power of qualitative testing. Employing platforms to determine the best user experience and using focus groups to target the ideal user to manage the testing process can provide a valuable but all too ‘hands off’ approach to testing. Perhaps the most powerful method of testing is the one that is right under our nose. Video is all around us. It’s become one of the most effective drivers of conversion, provides optimal UX and delivers an immersive brand experience. It’s no surprise that this platform can be used as one of the most effective forms of usability testing. It’s safe to say that digital video has become an important component of successful usability testing sessions, with the benefits to prove. Accuracy Using digital video to record usability testings provides increased detail on the evaluations, providing insight to intricacies that might have gone unnoticed. An in-depth understanding of […]

5 years, 6 months ago
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Ecommerce Usability: Getting It Right

For any business, whether brick and mortar or solely web based, ecommerce has become a required aspect. Online sales worldwide have reached an all time high in the trillions and it’s clear that the majority of consumers do much of their shopping, if not all, online. This trend is only on the upswing, and consumers have become increasingly discerning in the sites they purchase from. To increase traffic and conversions, a business must focus on every detail, with specific attention to the site’s usability in order to create the user experience that has become a prerequisite of doing business in the digital environment. First Impression Nowhere is usability more important than on the landing page, particularly of an ecommerce site. The user has been driven to the site either looking specifically for an item or are curious to find out more about the brand, product or services being offered. Either […]

7 years, 5 months ago
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Excellent Usability – Your Key to a Positive UX

Web Usability encompasses a variety of aspects that focus on making your users’ experience the best one possible. Building your site has the potential be a fun exercise in determining your company’s mission, and making it a positive experience for your users is a top priority. User Research This aspect concentrates on understanding how your viewers and audience behave, what they need and their motivations – once you have completed that process, your findings are processed through task analysis, various observation techniques and other feedback methods. Essentially, this is the practice of understanding the influence of your design on your audience. At what point should you analyze your user data? Since there are many different research techniques, each one has an ideal time frame within the user analysis process. A great time to use focus groups, for instance, is toward the beginning of a new process or change within your […]

8 years, 1 month ago