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Transforming Usability Throughout the Health Care Experience

There’s perhaps no industry where usability and overall user experience is more critical than that of health care. Personalized engagement is of the utmost importance to an environment where the relationship with between patient and provider can at times seem impersonal. A human perspective has become essential in optimizing communications, improving processes and producing better outcomes. This need has become so clear, that for the second year in a row, the Electronic Health Records Association has held an annual ‘Shaping Usability of Health IT Summit’. The focus of the meeting in part, was the ‘creation of personas representing the wide variety of stakeholders whose day-to-day activities are impacted by health IT.’ Making the right connections and conversions in healthcare communications is no simple feat. Though the patient-provider relationship has been given most focus from a branding standpoint, the channels and personas within the health system are vast – inclusive of clinicians and […]

3 years, 6 months ago
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Reading Between the Lines: The Content and Usability Connection

Very often, when developing a website or app, the first step is presenting the client with wireframes and comps that feature placeholder text which can, and usually delivers a design that is well received, but that may not be ideal in its user experience. As a result, content that is critical to the journey is wedged into places that weren’t built to hold them. Usability testing has shown that an interface with a simplistic structure with high quality, targeted content performs better than its counterpart with a more showy layout and lesser quality content. Beginning with a creative session – content, design and brand should all be taken into consideration. Determining the goals of the site for the organization it will be representing is key to developing a navigation structure and site architecture. Once this framework is built out, the content tends to come together more naturally and authentically. A […]

4 years, 9 months ago
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Serving the Brand with User-Centered Design

Delivering a web design that both effectively resonates the brand it represents and puts the user first, can be a complex task – especially when multiple markets or user segments are at play. User centered design, sometimes referred to as human-centered design, does a great job of prioritizing the user and making the environment ideal for their tasks – but it may not always serve the brand adequately. Blending customized design strategies and traditional user centered design best practices can prove to be the ideal route, satisfying the needs of each side. Build a Foundation While user centered design can prove to be an ideal creator of pathways for the user, it’s essential to understand the brand: it’s brand values, core messaging and it’s positioning in the current market. Determine business goals and to help construct how the user will be driven to conversion. Follow the Process Whether it be an iterative […]

5 years, 1 month ago
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The Pros and Cons of Adaptive Web Design

While responsive design has been dominant in the design and development industry, adaptive design has still remained relevant. What makes adaptive web design different from responsive is that it uses different versions of a website to deliver a customized experience for the user. The version that is shown will obviously depend on multiple factors like the screen size of the device, type of device, browser being used, etc. The big question that many website owners want answered is if whether adaptive design is the right choice for their mobile campaigns. To help answer that question, here are some pros and cons of this design format. Pros of Adaptive A better user experience due to the fact that predesigned versions of a website will be served to the user. The website isn’t “responding” to the type of device or other factors. The website will perform better. Load time is one of […]

6 years, 1 month ago
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The Interaction Design + Usability Connection

Understanding the way users interact with your site is crucial in determining what improvements or tweaks are needed – optimal website usability is, of course, a top priority. Directly integrated within web usability, interaction design is greatly focused on satisfying the needs and goals of the intended product users, implementing a heavy focus on designing with stakeholders in mind. Optimal web usability calls for an intuitive user experience, and all possible users (both current and new) must be taken into consideration. The designers that begin this process must be aware of the key aspects that will evoke emotions and calls to action in their target audience – and these emotions must remain positive, avoiding negative associations that could be detrimental to product success. Interaction design in its most basic definition is about building a digital environment for users, designing interactive digital products, environments, systems and services. It is more than just building […]

6 years, 4 months ago
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Utilizing the Customer Journey Map to Elevate UX

With increasing importance placed on user experience and expectations it has become a requirement for businesses to deeply understand and respond to the needs of their consumer. The use of data is well intended, providing high level insights that are necessary to making a conversion, offering increased detail as technology develops. Despite this information at the fingertips of an organization, customer experiences remain unremarkable as most data is unable to communicate the true feedback and emotions of the audience. Though analytic data is useful, the main roadblock is that it tends to be fragmented, resulting in a difficulty to draw actionable items from. Unless digging deep with near constant monitoring, an organization can only make small steps in optimizing their user experience through data alone. Understanding the small nuances with which a user interacts with an interface is the most direct route to creating the optimal experience which are most adeptly found by […]

6 years, 5 months ago
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3 Reasons Why Designing Intelligent Site Architecture Matters

When it comes to working with websites, most people focus on the design, content or the offpage factors for search engine optimization. But one critical aspect of web design that often gets ignored is website architecture. Having a good user-centric design and architecture impacts conversions, the time spent on your website and search engine visibility. It may seem like a simple aspect of web design, especially if you have a small website, but making sure you design an intelligent site architecture helps in so many different ways. The first obvious benefit that a good site architecture creates is an improvement in the UX design. Making sure that your website is organized makes it easier for users to find the content that they’re looking for and content they find useful. Creating well themed categories and subcategories and assigning content to tight knit themes is key to making this happen. Creating breadcrumb […]

7 years, 5 months ago
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Understanding UI, UX and Usability Design

A lot of designers are talking about UI, UX and Usability these days. If you’re like most business owners, you probably understand the importance of design but start getting confused when all these terminologies get thrown around. To help you understand what these different aspects of design are, we’ll define each and go into why each is important. What Is UI Design And Why Is It Important? UI simply stands for user interface. The UI is simply the design element that allows you to control a website, app or platform. The UI of a website is the navigation menu that allows you to explore different parts of the website. The UI of an app is basically the same thing with the addition that it allows you to access features and run the functionalities of the app. What Is UX Design And Why Is It Important? UI is under the umbrella […]

7 years, 6 months ago