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Identifying (and Fixing) Common Usability ‘Stuck Spots’

There are many seemingly small usability issues that can go unnoticed causing site owners to wonder why drop numbers are increasing and conversions aren’t happening frequently. Making sure the site is performing at it’s highest potential across all devices by testing and correcting identified issues will help to get back on track to better SEO and happier users. Site Speed & Load Time Slow site speed is an increasing challenge across many channels with respect to design, development and ultimately – the bottom line of a company. Site users provide the data backing. Improved levels of satisfaction are present when a site loads quickly and alternately, a dissatisfaction if a page load is longer than they expect it to be. Longer load times, even at a rate of a one second delay can be an huge issue affecting the financial stability of a company, particularly for ecommerce. At this one second delay […]

7 years, 4 months ago