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Serving the Brand with User-Centered Design

Delivering a web design that both effectively resonates the brand it represents and puts the user first, can be a complex task – especially when multiple markets or user segments are at play. User centered design, sometimes referred to as human-centered design, does a great job of prioritizing the user and making the environment ideal for their tasks – but it may not always serve the brand adequately. Blending customized design strategies and traditional user centered design best practices can prove to be the ideal route, satisfying the needs of each side. Build a Foundation While user centered design can prove to be an ideal creator of pathways for the user, it’s essential to understand the brand: it’s brand values, core messaging and it’s positioning in the current market. Determine business goals and to help construct how the user will be driven to conversion. Follow the Process Whether it be an iterative […]

6 years, 2 months ago