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Ideally Implementing Visual Design for UX

Directly connected to website usability is the visual design, which focuses on the aesthetics of a website and all of the related aspects by strategically implementing specific images, colors, fonts and other components. The best types of visual design stay relevant to the purpose of the website design, while complementing the content on the page (or any necessary functions that the page must accomplish). Essentially – it is a visual enhancement that strengthens brand engagement. 

 Some of the basic elements of visual design include lines, shapes, a dynamic color palette, textures, typography and form. All of these elements add depth to an otherwise blank visual canvas, defining lines, drawing the eye to a certain direction, affecting how a user perceives a designed texture and pattern – even something as seemingly simple as typography can affect the feel within the design and content, and can change the perception of the […]

7 years, 9 months ago