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What’s In A Name? How a URL Can Affect A Site’s Usability

Often overlooked due to the fact that they aren’t the biggest ranking factor used by search engines, the structure of URLs can have a major impact on the SEO and usability factors of a website. The keywords contained within a URL are much more than just a location tool. Relevant to both the user and search engines, URLs help to assess and describe what each page on a site is about and what kind of product or services it provides. The better the URL optimization, the higher it will rank in organic search engine results. While a great deal of thought may be put into the main URL of a website, the inner pages are very important to give thought to in terms of usability. Many times, for these pages – a URL is automatically generated that can easily be optimized to better serve the site and its visitors. Being […]

7 years, 19 days ago
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Accessibility: Why It Should Be Your Top Priority

Let’s look at the basics of UX (user experience). Zero in on your users – discover what they need and value, as well as their innate abilities and limitations. Analyzing them in depth takes into account their business objectives and company goals as you progress into the projects and solutions that they require. The best experience for the user is entangled with improving their interaction with your product, as well as their perception of who you are as a company and any services that you offer.

 According to Peter Morville (the creator of the User Experience Honeycomb), in order for the user experience to be meaningful, any information they interact with must be: useful, usable, desirable, findable, accessible, and credible. 

Accessibility concentrates on how a disabled individual interacts with and derives benefit from a site, system or application. This is crucial to the development and creation of your site, and […]

8 years, 4 days ago