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Choosing The Right CMS to Support Usability

Aligning a company to the right content management system is a critically important decision for the future of an organization – particularly one that may be facing re-entry into the market, rebrand or restructure. Being that there are several types of CMS tailored to the content needs of a business, it is first important for a company to understand why the CMS is necessary. What aspects of content need to be managed and how much? Though there are options such as web, mobile and component – often an enterprise CMS is the route most travelled, being that it has a keen ability to support best practices and be implemented with scalability options. CMS platforms, and in particular enterprise, when used at optimized levels can deliver a level of success to a company not seen before the CMS was introduced. Beyond serving it’s functional purpose(s) to an internal team, a solid CMS […]

7 years, 2 months ago